part of project WHAT TO WEAR

The FUR WEARING LADIES project uses imagery of women wearing fur to spark reflection on clothing choices. Through these works, the project aims to encourage the audience with a smile to reflect more deeply on the true nature of what we wear.

A love for animals often begins in childhood. There were always animals in and around the house, and their presence was a great pleasure. Especially the dog followed them closely wherever they went. The donkey was occasionally making an appearance in the kitchen. Rescued animals that needed care were part of the clan.

In those days her mother sometimes wore a fur coat in winter, which was soft and hairy. It felt special, that super cuddly second skin. But when the coat hung on a hook, it was still soft but soulless. This was different. She knew it was about the essence. The distinction between -living- real fur and -lifeless- real fur.

The perception of wearing  fur changed drastically in the 1990s with the rise of anti-fur campaigns. There is a remembered clip where beautiful, slender models walked the catwalk, dramatically discarding their fur coats and dragging them along the ground, leaving a trail of red paint. It was an impressive, aesthetically well-made short spot, perfect for showing the downside of wearing fur.

However, this project is not about the controversy surrounding fur: It is about the cuddliness, the warmth  and the skin. -skins of the wearers-  The softness of the fur, with entity, warm and alive and the smoothness of the skin of these both wearers.  

The love for models, their elegance, and living fur is still there.

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