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© letty staal | fine arts and photography | letty staal in her garden with Tay and Haw

Photography courtesy of the IJssel Valley   | Visual artist and Photographer

Likes making dreamy, romantic work, but it should never be ‘a beautiful picture’. Photos with a small raw edge and of course ‘something’ has to happen in her work. The extra layer, which evokes the feeling of a touch, caress or a breeze. It is important that a photo or photo series has a contrast within it. Showing the earthiness and purity of young people. With their sensual contradictions, these have their own photographic powers.

Letty Staal attended the Amsterdam Vogue Academy(fashion design/styling) after which she went to the Art Academy(ARTEZ) in Kampen and graduated in painting. She lives in a small village at the IJssel vallei, in the middle of nature, which is reflected in her work in a natural way.

Transforming her garden and pond into an outdoor studio, where shows her models are shown in some special light. The probs, like the jewelry also come from her own garden.

Earthiness versus culture is a common theme in her photoworks . At the same time, she shows with her work that fashion, culture and nature subtly have many similarities in addition to contrasts.

Her series are part of the comprehensive project with the working title  ‘What to wear’. This brings together various themes that concern her, such as androgyny, ambivalence, vanity and discrepancy.

Staal is self-represented and takes clienats on a limited basis. Inquire about its availability using the contact form