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What to Wear is a hanger project that encompasses various series, prompting us to reflect on what we wear and why. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively, but always with an awareness of our clothing choices. The project delves into vanity, glamour, transience, and sustainability.

Why do we choose to wear a fox around our shoulders but not a dog’s fur? What is the role of gemstones in our jewelry, and how do they relate to the harsh reality of child labor? Do we need adornments to enhance our beautiful bodies, or can we go without them?

In What to Wear, different series come together to illuminate the complexity of ‘wearing’. The Necklace explores the symbolism of jewelry and the ethical considerations of using various materials as adornments. The Fur Wearers investigates why some animal furs are accepted in fashion and others are not. The Skin Wearers examines the concept of wearing skin on skin. Naiad is a series that connects beauty with natural beauty. The Elderberry Necklace showcases a necklace made of berries and movement. Bead Wearer is a playful series that makes transience wearable. And Headdress explores the grace and splendor of headgear, emphasizing purity and authenticity as ultimate forms of beauty.

This project aims to, with a smile, make viewers aware of what they wear and encourage them to think about the societal questions surrounding the use of animal skins and furs as adornment. The question is not just what we wear, but also why we wear it.

The film series Ice Necklace Adornment explores the transience of adornments and the fragility of our environment. The melting ice symbolizes change and reminds us that embellishment sometimes comes at the expense of wearability. But aren’t we all inherently beautiful, even without decorations?

Why do we wear what we do? What makes us beautiful? Why do we put on a fur coat? How does transient clothing relate to sustainable fashion? This project offers a nod to eco-friendly clothing.

With her green roots and sense of fashion, the artist creates works of art that encompass both nature and culture. These building blocks form the foundation of her work, inviting viewers to reflect on the meaning and impact of our clothing choices.

The exploration of fashion, ethics, and awareness leads to a deeper understanding of what we wear and why.

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