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I like to explore the complexity of beauty through what I call ‘Abrasive Beauty’.  This term encompasses both the rough edges and the softness that beauty can contain. For me, beauty is not a static concept, but rather a dynamic movement between contrasts: sharpness and softness, stillness and motion, harmony and imperfection. I often find truth in purity.

I draw inspiration from artists and thinkers of the 1930s, such as Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim, and Lee Miller, who pushed boundaries and discovered new frames of reference. Their innovative work not only inspires me, I’m also drawn to their pionering spirit and the captivating imagery and photos of that era.

My work (and life) is a continuous journey of exploration, where I redefine my own visions and push my creative boundaries.

As a artist and photographer, I consider my work to be a kind of self-portrait, in which I explore my own identity and expression. I strive for timeless images that transcend the zeitgeist and offer different perspectives. My reward comes when I feel that my work reflects my uniqueness and carries a stamp that is unique to me as a creator.

In addition to my fascination with aesthetics and harmony, I also seek the edge in my work, moments of contrast and tension. I am fascinated by the relationship between earthiness and culture, and I enjoy exploring the boundaries of eroticism, beauty, and tension.

My recent series are part of  project  ‘What to wear’ , in which I explore concepts such as androgyny (Jung), ambivalence, vanity, and discrepancy. While this project forms the core of my current work, I also enjoy venturing into other projects, including Dogsonly. Through my photography, I aim not only to observe but also to feel, thus uncovering a deeper layer of beauty that inspires and moves us in life.


I am Letty Staal, a visual artist, image maker, and photographer based in a small village in the IJssel Valley, surrounded by nature. My work reflects my love for dreamy, raw-romantically raw imagery, enhanced with a touch of unvarnished authenticity.

I graduated from the Amsterdam Vogue Academy in fashion design/styling and subsequently from the Art Academy (ARTEZ) in Kampen in painting.

My outdoor studio, formed by my garden and pond, is a source of inspiration for my work, integrating natural elements into my photography. My photographic series often explore the contrast between earthiness and culture, demonstrating that beauty is found not only in harmony but also in contrasts and contradictions.

My work is a continuous embrace of the ever-evolving nature of beauty, where I believe in the ‘dynamics’ of ‘stillness and movement’. By constantly exploring new perspectives, I delight in studying and sharing the diversity and evolution of beauty an truth with the world around us.