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An ode to water. In the series “Najade Collier,” women are immortalized, adorned with necklaces of glistening fish, symbols of transience and beauty combined. The title, “Najade,” embraces the essence of water and femininity, portraying the wearers as modern nymphs emerging from the ancient world, connected to the flow of life.

The soft, smooth skin-to-skin contact evokes a sense of temporality, emphasizing the fleeting nature of beauty and existence. The glittering natural necklaces, crafted in hues of gold, silver, and rainbow, exude an enchanting power while also bearing the vulnerability of life.

Water and its shores serve as a significant source of inspiration, as the artist herself is a swimmer, having spent much of her youth immersed in and by the water. Even now, she cannot pass a pool, river, or sea without being drawn to it. Her living and working environment is surrounded by water. Water, naturally, purifies, refreshes, and renews.

These qualities are reflected in the “Najade Collier” series, born from an inquisitive spirit exploring the boundaries of wearability and aesthetics. “What the water gave me” can also be contemplated with inspiration from two figures, Frida Kahlo and Diana Blok. (or What the water gave me” can be associated with the great inspirators Frida Kahlo and Diana Blok)

The series challenges existing ideas and invites awareness of the possibilities to view and wear beauty in different ways. Why not wear a magnificent fish around your neck? Why not adorn your shoulders with something other than a fox? This series goes beyond mere aesthetics; it reminds us of our connection to nature and the various forms of beauty found within it.


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