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This series, The Necklace, shows portraits of young men adorned with jewelry made from seeds, berries, and herbs. These are provocative photos, thanks to the contrasts they embody. Such as toughness versus vulnerability, the beauty of the unconventional, and transience, which also carries the promise of a new beginning.

In The Necklace, the hard seeds of the adornment (cleavers, teasel, globe thistle), which prick a smooth, soft skin, evoke an interesting emotion. Additionally, the beads made from seeds and elderberries suggest renewal and change through new generations. The tough, powerful bodies also reveal fragility. While stringing the necklace of elderberries, unintended juice was released, creating a different image than anticipated. A necklace that causes the blue-red pearls to weep.

The seeds, berries, and leaves in the Necklaces worn by the young men came from her own garden. The theme of earthiness versus culture is also clearly reflected in these photos. The Necklace is part of the comprehensive project tentatively titled What To Wear. This project brings together various themes that preoccupy her, such as androgyny(Jung), ambivalence, vanity, and discrepancy.

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